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Regent Live // Saturday 5th May 2018


Image of Regent Live // Saturday 5th May 2018

A day long music festival in Stockton's Regent Quarter. The Vault, Thirsty Souls, The Looking Glass, Dr Inks and Oscars Gin Bar!

Saturday 5th May


Morrissey & Marshall, Eoin Glackin , Jack Francis, The Baggy Mondays (Acoustic), Little Doves, Pink Tides, The Giraffes, J.P. RIggall, McCormick, Stu Blackburn, Jake Radio, Talk Symmetry, Freeman, Golden Age Of Nothing, Dale Husband, Chas Thomas, Jake Holt, Dan Angus, Carl Eaton, Carl Dunning, Jonny Phage, Gaz Owen, Christian Derby, Mark Smith and MORE TBA!!